I grew up in the rust belt, on the banks of Lake Erie, surrounded by remnants of early American industry. I spent a lot of time in antique stores as a kid. In fact, my last two years in Ohio were spent working at a giant antique mall, collecting odd type specimens, funky old music equipment, and all the history I could get the dealers to share with me.

I moved to the western slope of Colorado when I was 24. It happened entirely by accident—I though I was on my way to Portland. I landed in Carbondale, a few miles downvalley from Aspen. I made money traveling around to all the little mountain towns on the western side of the state, collecting and reselling vintage clothes and housewares. This is where I developed my love for old western shirts.

My creative outlook is deeply informed by my long-term exposure to old industry, vintage typography and advertising, and my time spent traveling the country. I draw on these experiences and the understanding of history that they gave me, looking for opportunities to work a little whimsy into my designs, or to turn an old idea on its head to produce something fresh that still feels comfortable and familiar. I look to solve problems and meet challenges with fun, thoughtful solutions.

Beyond that, I love my community. I would love to work with other people, places, and things that enrich this wonderful city and the communities that thrive within it. Got some ideas?  Shoot me an email and let's make some stuff!

— Caleb